Becoming Wise with Tools for the Art of Living with Krista Tippett

In this episode of On Being with Krista Tippett, she shares excepts from several of her interviews this season. I remember listening to some of them before. One memorable interview for me, was with Ruby Sales in which she recounts a story of asking a struggling person “Where does it hurt?” Desmond Tutu shares a similar approach, showing caring by asking “how do you feel” as a powerful invitation for someone to tell their story. I’ve been reflecting on these questions in comparison to the question I commonly ask when I see a friend in pain “what’s wrong”. It seems to me that both Ruby Sales and Desmond Tutu are focusing on the person. How lovely and gratifying to be seen?!

In another except, NASA scientist Natalie Batalha says:

When you study science, you step out of planet earth. You look back, down, at this blue sphere, and you see a world with no borders. You see a tiny mote of dust, suspended in the sunbeam. You see the expanse of the cosmos and you realize how small we are, and how connected we are, and that we are all the same, and that what’s good for you has to be good for me.

Natalie Batalha, Interview with Krista Tippett

Read that last sentence again!

Vincent Harding reminds us that

… we need again to recognize that to develop the best humanity, the best spirit, the best community, there needs to be discipline, practices of exploring how do you do that, how do we work together, how do we talk together in ways that will open up our best capacities and our best gifts.

Vincent Harding, Interview with Krista Tippett

I remember hearing each or those interviews before, and being inspired by them. I use these interviews to reflect on my life, my thoughts my actions.

Listen to the full episode, with many more excerpts here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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