Seth Godin on Life, the Internet and Everything

seth godin on life the internet and everything
So tell 10 people. There are 10 people who trust you enough to listen. And if you tell your thing to 10 people, if you send your ebook to 10 people, if you do your sermon to 10 people or show your product to 10 people, and none of them want to tell their friends, and none of them are changed, then you failed. You didn’t really understand what was good. But if some of them tell their friends, then they’ll tell their friends and that’s how ideas spread. So it’s this 10 at a time, 10 by 10 by 10. How do you put an idea in the word that resonates enough with people, if they trust you enough to hear it, that then it can go to the next step and the next step.
Seth Godin with Krista Tippett, Life, the Internet and Everything

Seth Godin in 2009

Seth Godin is a marketing expert and deep thinker. He blogs to every day. In this interview, he talks about several topics related to marketing and doing work that counts. Listen to the whole episode here.

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