Joe Dispenza on The Model Health Show

black and white image showing lit up brain
T he hardest part about change is not making the same choice as you did the day before. Now once people understand that they’re gonna be uncomfortable, then the question is what thoughts do you want to fire and wire in your brain, what behavior will you demonstrate in one day. And the act of closing your eyes and rehearsing who you’re going to be when you open your eyes, begins to install neurological hardware in your brain to look like you’ve already done it. Now the brain which is typically a record of the past now becomes a map to the future.
Joe Dispenza, How Your Thoughts Control Your Biology & How To Transform Your Thinking, Model Health Show

This podcast made me lose my mind. Joe Dispenza also says “You literally have to lose your mind to create a new one.” That explains so much! I met a friend a few days after listening to this episode and she brought up Joe Dispenza. Is the universe sending me a message?! Listen to the whole episode here.

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